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What you need to know about GAP Cover

GAP Cover works in conjunction with your medical scheme and provides shortfall cover for in-hospital fees where doctors and specialists charge above medical aid rates of cover.

Please note: GAP Cover is not a medical scheme and the cover is not the same as that of a medical scheme. This policy is not a substitute for medical scheme membership.

GAP Cover provides up to an additional 500% cover for in-hospital specialist fees, safeguarding you from paying out of pocket for shortfalls and co-payments, giving you peace of mind during emergencies and allowing you to heal without the stress of incurred medical bills. You also get more medical cover without upgrading or changing your medical aid plan.

There is often a shortfall between what a medical scheme pays and the actual cost of an in-hospital procedure or treatment which then becomes an out-of-pocket expense. Gap cover allows for you to pay a monthly contribution and serves as insurance that you can claim from for in-hospital fees that are not covered by your medical scheme plan.

You and your family*. In the case of organisations, it covers both your employees and their families.