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Well, at least when it comes to Health, Wellness, Insure, Invest, and Retire!

That’s because ASI is the leading, independent, and proudly South African Advisory provider and Broker to hundreds of corporate citizens in Mzansi.

We have been around the block a good couple of times. We’ve proudly got the T-shirt, and we’ve got the ‘flying colours’ badge to match.

Good, independent advice and risk solutions require that you deal with the best in the business. After all, you wouldn’t trust an IT guy to cut your hair, right? So, why would you trust anyone else when it comes to your financial, medical, or physical wellbeing?

Let us help take away your ‘Janu-worry’

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At ASI, we know that Januworry can be a troubling month for most people. It’s for this precise reason that we’ve devoted significant airtime in Januworry to helping you ensure that all remaining months in the calendar year are care-free and covered. Januworry no more! As leading specialists in our industry, we leverage off our expertise and professional team, as well as our network of leading SA insurers and providers to provide all of our clients with the best possible advice, product and service.

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Sad to be back at work? We sadly can’t help you there unless you’re thinking of signing up a specialist Wellness provider, like ASI, who truly understands staff engagement and healthcare better than anyone else.

However, if you’re still a bit bummed about needing a new Healthcare or Wellness provider, or even finding insurance that’s as carefree and simple as it should be.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our ‘Januworry’ posts and that we’ve managed to turn that frown upside down.

Because there should always be a lighter side to all the important stuff.