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At ASI – we take building wealth and changing lives as seriously as we take trust emplaced in us by our clients.  

Whether you are planning for an early retirement or wanting to make sure that you can afford to retirement one day, let our forward-thinking approach help you plan for the future.

We don’t make use of crystal balls or fortune cookies when approaching your financial security, because nothing can be left to chance or luck.

You can count on us to count on your retirement needs – we offer a vast array of Financial Planning and Retirement options designed to put you and your wealth security first.  

We employ financial experts who make it their business to protect you and your wealth. Through solid advice and execution, we will ensure you are always safeguarded – after all, your wealth doesn’t grow on trees.

Why choose ASI

Investment Advisory

We’re invested in you and your money, and our expertise extends to both traditional Savings as well as Private Wealth Management.


Pre and Post planning to ensure that your ‘one day’ doesn’t just happen ‘someday’.

Wills Planning

A must for anyone wanting to ensure their assets are disbursed correctly once they have passed away.

Estate Planning

Trust us to find smarter ways of ensuring that your Estate is managed correctly and that it is worth the paper it’s written on.

Debt Restructuring

Don’t let your debt come tumbling down on you. Let our experts help you to unburden yourself financially.

Employee Benefits

Happy Employees = Healthy Employees. Let’s help you keep your team financially, physically, and emotionally well.

Medical Schemes & Insurance

Healthy solutions that won’t cost you an arm or a leg.